Stationary machine UVP-2


■ cutting of round, rectangular or free-form gaskets from sheet material
of 1 ... 4 mm thick

Description and principle of operation

■ the device consists of a base unit, on which a bracket support is
installed, along the guideways of it the carriage roller is moved with
the help of a lead screw

■ using a bracket support, an electromechanical cutting device is
attached to the carriage roller

■ a movable center moves in the guide grooves of the base, the
position of which is fi xed with a screw

■ the ruler is used to count the values of the radii of the cut-out gaskets


■ easy-to-use equipment, works effi ciently

■ the accuracy of gaskets manufacturing of any non-metallic materials

■ covers manual work, reduces the time for gaskets cutting, improves
production culture, reduces the risk of injury

Gasket material

■ paronite

■ metal asbestos sheet

■ fl uoroplastic (additional heating is not needed)

■ vinyl plastic

■ rubber

■ other reinforced and unreinforced materials


 Parameters  Value
Minimum inner diameter of the gasket, mm 90
Maximum thickness of the cut sheet, mm 4
Cutting speed, not less, m/min 7
Maximum outer diameter, mm 1500
Power supply, V/Hz 220/50
Power consumption, kW 0,6
Overall dimensions, mm 1750х1030х1200
Weight, kg 200

The technical characteristics and the image of the equipment are for informational purposes only and can be changed according to the specifi cations of the customer