Special technologies

Manufacture of equipment for oil and gas, nuclear, machine-building and other industries.

The enterprise increases its turnover and the production capacity since 1999.The technical equipment of the enterprise allows to carry out a full cycle of work under own steam. The arsenal of the enterprise includes production areas, a machine tool park, warehouses and office buildings, a transport park and a staff of experienced and highly qualified employees.

The return of the customer can only be guaranteed by the high quality of the supplied equipment and an objective price.

- Director Vladimir Filippov

20 years of manufacturing




    Warranty and service maintenance.
    Compliance with all contractual obligations.

  • Professionalism of our team

    Experienced engineers

    Bank of ready-made technical solutions.
    Development and improvement of equipment.

  • Service

    Attentive engineers

    Orders support regardless of the transaction amount.


    Personal service

    Ability to manufacture non-standard equipment.