Vacuumizing machine


■ for air evacuating from the tested item (valves) for further fi lling with
the test medium (water)

■ vacuumizing allows to fi ll quickly the test item with water without air

■ can be used in other industries where it is required to create a vacuum
in the vessel

■ automatic control system

■ used in conjunction with horizontal and vertical test benches produced
by ZAO Enterprise “Special Technologies”

■ required by valves testing with DN 400 mm and more


Parameters  Value
Power supply, V/Hz 380/50
Power consumption, kW (no more) 0,55
Productivity, m3/hour (no more)
Minimum residual pressure created by the vacuum pump, mbar
Overall dimensions, mm (no more): 885х730х1095
Weight, kg (no more) 325

The technical characteristics and the image of the equipment are for informational purposes only and can be changed according to the specifi cations of the customer