The enterprise "Special Technologies" has successfully completed the production of an armored tank purpose made.

An armored tank is a special protective device for carrying out the pneumatic testing of pipeline valves and other vessels for strength and tightness by immersing the product in a liquid medium, which this construction is filled with; it provides the safe testing for humans.

The operator performs tests remotely and monitors the process with help of an underwater video surveillance system and sensors on the control panel. Also, the armored tank is equipped with special viewing windows for an additional visual control.

Specialists of CJSC Enterprise “Special Technologies” calculate the strength of such important structures as armored tanks and armored fencing very responsibly. And before proceeding with the manufacture of the structure, they made a precise analysis of materials, metal wall thickness and load-bearing structures . And then a computer simulation of the testing process is carried out. Such a design accident event makes it possible to predict the “behavior” of the structure in the situation of an emergency or planned destruction of the sample (tested vessel).

Armored tank and armored fencing produced by the Enterprise CJSC Special technologies are a guarantee of safety at the facilities. Armored tanks and armored  fencing are manufactured according to the customer's technical specification and may have different overall dimensions and technical characteristics.

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