The company “Special technologies” presents to your attention a workplace for assembly and disassembly of pipeline valves with an installation for fine tuning of the valve.

The adjustment can be made on various types of valves with a diameter of 40 up to 350 mm, in the pressure range from 0.63 up to 6.3 MPa, and the installation also allows to check the valve's service ability.

The workplace is equipped with an additional line for supplying the valve pneumatic drive with a pressure regulation from 0.005 to 0.2 MPa.

The stand-pedestal is built directly into the surface of the workplace for the vertical position of pipeline valves, horizontal installation of products is also provided.

The workplace has a stand with a rotary “breaking” boom for pneumatic tools, an air preparation unit, a pneumatic wrench with interchangeable heads.  And also drawer with lockable doors for additional tools.

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