CJSC Enterprise "Special Technologies" has developed and manufactured a machine for tie-in into an existing pipeline under the pressure of the transported medium on an existing pipeline. The bench for branch joints under pressure allows:

■ to connect the additional distributing lines

■ to install the control devices

It is possible to make a tie-in with a both automatic and manual feed in the bench construction.

An important function of the machine is the ability to control the moment of separation of the cut fragment from the main pipeline. Thanks to this function, the operator has the opportunity to stop the tie-in process immediately after the pipeline is completely cut, which is especially important on small diameter pipelines (danger of cutting through the opposite wall). It is also important that the cut fragment is securely fixed on the spindle and is removed along with the machine.

At the request of the customer, the machine can be equipped with an explosion-proof electric drive or a pneumatic drive.

When preparing an operation for tie-in into an existing pipeline, it is important to check the tightness of the welded branch and the branch-valve connection. To do this, the machine provides the ability to connect the pressure test equipment to the branch space, which also allows to equalize the pressure in the branch space and in the pipeline or fill the branch space with an inert gas by the tie-in process.

The machine can be used both in the conditions of production areas and directly on open pipelines.


The tie-in process is carried out by a crown cutter with hard-alloy teeth and allows to make a tie-in connection with a diameter of 50 up to 250 mm.

The tie-in process made with help of the bench manufactured by CJSC "Special Technologies" is carried out quickly and safely, does not require physical effort from a specialist, significantly reduces the time of work and ensures a continuous process of supplying the medium filling the pipeline to the consumer.

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