Sandblast cabinet KSO


■ valve cleaning

■ removal of rust, sand and scale

■ obtaining the required roughness

■ removal of layers, matting, hardening, deburring

■ preparation of valve surfaces before anti-corrosion coatings (paints
and varnishes, metallization coatings)

The camera uses light abrasive materials:

electrocorundum, silicon carbide with a fraction of 0.1-2.0 mm. and others.
Climatic modifi cation of the chamber - boreal climate 4, according to GOST
151550-69 and GOST 15543-70.

The camera is designed to work in closed rooms without connections to
ventilation systems.

The chamber is equipped with a system for removing of contaminated
air from working area and its cleaning, with simultaneous cleaning of the
abrasive material from large inclusions and dust.

The camera must not be used in an explosive environment.


Parameters  Value
The maximum dimensions of the processed parts, * mm 600x600x600
Workpiece weight, kg up to 300
Weight, kg 500
Productivity, m2/hour 1…1,2
Overall dimensions,* mm 2225x1250x2000

The technical characteristics and the image of the equipment are for informational purposes only and can be changed according to the specifi cations of the customer