Workplace for assembly or disassembly of valves

Designed for certain types of operation according to the technical
specifi cations of the customer and is completed with necessary
elements and tools for ensuring the performing functions.

The basis of the workplace

■ locksmith’s table with lockers and protective screen, lamp
and junction box for connecting the electrical equipment

Completion according to the customer’s specifi cations

■ workbench with drilling machine and vise units

■ vise units for disassembling and assembling of valves

■ setting device for disassembly and assembly

■ a device for dish-shaped spring hardening

■ bench work tools

■ rack with pivoting breaking boom for pneumatic tool, air
preparation unit, pneumatic impact wrench with replaceable

■ bench-pedestal for disassembly and assembly of valves with
DN 15-300 mm, DN 300-600 mm and relief valves with DN
15-300 mm

■ stairs with a fl yover

■ bench for assembly and disassembly of injection molding
machines and drive settings

The technical characteristics and the image of the equipment are for informational purposes only and can be changed according to the specifi cations of the customer