Armored tank


■ protection of users conducting pneumatic and hydraulic tests on
strength and tightness

■ control of leaks by the bubble method during pneumatic tests

Technical description

■ strong structure, welded from square and angle sections and jacketed
with a sheet material up to 6 mm thick

■ special protective device for pipeline valves testing on strength and
tightness with a submersion of the product in a liquid medium,
with which this structure is fi lled. It allows to conduct tests safely for

■ design development is carried out on the basis of strength calculation
and digital simulation of the testing process and blowout of the tested

■ equipped with bulletproof glasses

■ armored cover can be designed with a mechanical lifting device controlled
from the console

The technical characteristics and the image of theequipment are for informational purposes only and can be changed according to the specifi cations of the customer