For lifting and moving loads weighing no more than 2 tons at distances limited by the maximum turning radius of the console equal to 3.85 meters.

The crane is designed to be placed permanently, on a special foundation in closed industrial premises.

The lifting mechanism is an electric drive hoist of the brand T104 manufactured in Bulgaria, mounted with the ability to move on the console of the I-beam section. The console is mounted on a column with the ability to rotate 340˚. Rotation is electrically driven through a gear train.

The control of load lifting, moving along the console and turning around the column is carried out manually using a push-button control panel mounted from the hoist to a level accessible for work from the floor.


Load capacity
0,5 t 1 t 3,2 t 5 t
Out-in R max, mm
Lifting height H, mm
2000 2500 3200 4000
Distance from the axis of rotation to the end of the console L, mm, no more 
4410 4410 4510 4600
Crane height H1, mm, no more
Н+1500 Н+1200 Н+2300 Н+2500
Crane weight, t, no more
1,75 2,33 3,35 4,7

The technical characteristics and the image of the equipment are for informational purposes only and can be changed according to the specifi cations of the customer